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The n-BMS is the next generation scalable BMS for high voltage applications. It is a distributed system in which the Management Control Unit (MCU) communicates with up to 32 Cell Monitoring Units (CMU). Each CMU manages up to 12 voltage channels in series and thus, the n-BMS is rated to manage up to 1000V.

The CMU’s come in 2 different variants from 2 to 12 temperature channels.

The n-BMS can be configured through the licensed n-BMS CREATOR software, which enables the battery integrator to create a unique battery design and tailor it specifically for their needs.

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Application software
  • Configuration software
    • The n-BMS CREATOR software enables the battery designer to set up the BMS configuration for their specific application and selected battery chemistry.
  • USB/CAN adapter
    • For the n-BMS CREATOR software an adapter is required for USB to CAN conversion, which allows the connection from the BMS to the PC.

n-BMS CREATOR Software product presentation


LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a range of chargers which are both air-cooled and water cooled. Chargers are available in 1,8 kW, 3,3 kW and 6,6 kW capacities.

Wire harness
  • Cell monitoring wire harness
    • LiTHIUM BALANCE provides tailor-made cell monitoring and temperature wire harnesses for all n-BMS products.
  • Internal communication wire
    • A range of standard-length interconnecting cables and wires are also available for the n-BMS products. The connection cables are based on IsoSPI protocol.
  • External communication wire
    • A variety of different I/O cables are available for all n-BMS products for the connection to shunts, VCU, relays, CAN devices and other peripherals.

Download wire harness datasheets
MCU wire harness datasheet
CMU wire harness datasheet

Current measurement
  • Shunts
    • For all s-BMS products, a range of standard, compact, and high precision shunts are offered. The shunts can be selected to fit almost any application specific currents.
  • HAL effect sensor
    • For all n-BMS products a range of standard high precision HAL effect sensors are offered. The HAL sensor can be selected to fit almost any application specific currents as well.
Li-ion cells

LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a range of cost-efficient cells. These products were proven on the market for over 10 years, can be managed by our BMS, and come with the possibility of extended warranty. 

Other accessories
  • Fuses
    • For battery systems, a further safety layer is configured using fuses. LiTHIUM BALANCE offers several fuses with ratings relevant for large format batteries.
  • Displays
    • LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a number of standard displays (based on CAN) that can be connected seamlessly to the n-BMS.
  • Relays
    • For all n-BMS products a range of standard, robust relays are offered. The relays can be selected to fit almost any application specific currents and voltage levels.
  • Application support
    • In order to ensure a smooth integration of the n-BMS to the system, we offer application support. In the software license 5 hours of free support is included. Application support beyond that is offered on an hourly basis
  • Training
    • For a comprehensive introduction about the possibilities of our n-BMS, Li-ion technology, and battery integration, LiTHIUM BALANCE offers trainings tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Remote surveillance
    • For our n-BMS, a modem-based surveillance system can be connected to the BMS via CAN. The data is stored on a secure server and can be accessed from anywhere.

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