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Thousands of e-scooters use LiTHIUM BALANCE’s s-BMS

LiTHIUM BALANCE’s BMSs have also been used in countless e-scooters. These electric vehicles run on 48V NMC batteries, managed by our s-BMS for longevity, performance and safety. They have been in production since 2014 and LiTHIUM BALANCE has supplied thousands of BMSs for them since then.

Customer and further specifics are undisclosed at this time.

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First Li-ion E-Trike

The first Li-ion e-trike

Hundreds of e-trikes make use of our s-BMS since 2011

LiTHIUM BALANCE has supplied BMS for the first electric trike that was developed by Elektrike Japan. These versatile three wheelers are fit for both agricultural, industrial and personal uses, run on a 48V battery with 60Ah NMC cells and utilize the s-BMS with great success.

They have been in production since 2011 and LiTHIUM BALANCE has delivered hundreds of BMSs to them since then.

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Golf Car Battery

Golf cart batteries

Efficiency in both space and charging

IMECAR develops battery packs for several types of electric vehicles. For their golf cart batteries, they put a large focus on efficiency, and this is where LiTHIUM BALANCE can assist them with the c-BMS, a compact system to further improve their battery pack’s longevity, performance, and efficient charging.

They use our c-BMS to manage their 48V 200Ah battery packs in their golf car batteries, which are in production since 2018.

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#1 Luxury Golf Car

Luxury golf cars

A luxurious product, a standard solution

Garia offers some of the most extravagant golf cars in the world. Their most luxurious product, called the ‘Coolest Golf Car Ever’ is a co-brand between them and Mercedes, an aesthetic, high-performing golf car in production since 2019, that is capable of taking on both the golf fields and the street.

Customers have high expectations for these luxury cars with retail prices over 75,000 USD. Safety, performance and convenience are only some of the features that these cars need to provide. The batteries that are running on 48V LFP cells need a BMS that can help supplying these features. Garia has chosen our s-BMS for those reasons.

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Quad EV


c-BMS for compact quad batteries

LiTHIUM BALANCE has supplied batteries for electric quads’ batteries made by GYRARI. These quads are hybrid series vehicles are running on a 48V 10kWh battery with high power NCA cells, managed by our c-BMS.

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