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Why lithium batteries?

Lithium-ion battery technology has taken a leap from personal electronics, where it dominates as the energy storage medium, to transport and industrial applications as the preferred choice. Li-ion batteries outperform all other types of rechargeable battery technology in every aspect, including but not limited to usable capacity, life cycle, charging time, and OPEX, just to name a few.

Lithium is the lightest of all metals and has the greatest electrochemical potential, providing the largest energy density per volume and weight. In our view, Li-ion technology has a crucial part to play in the migration away from fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources in transport, industry and residence.


Why battery management?

Inherently lithium-ion is unstable, especially while charging and needs to be managed. However, if certain precautions are met during charging and discharging, Li-ion provides unparalleled advantages compared to other chemistries. This is why Battery Management is an essential enabling factor for the evolution of Lithium Ion battery. Safety, performance, and reliability are some of the key features a Battery Management System should be accountable for.


We understand that our customers seek the highest possible return on their investments and shape our products to ensure that.
Extensive Customer Support

LiTHIUM BALANCE BMS solutions accommodate much more than the product. Customer support is pivotal for an industry as young as the Li-ion technology. Our solutions include the customers’ extensive aid from prototype to production, with after-sales support to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Robust Technology

BMS technology at LiTHIUM BALANCE is not only designed to provide battery monitoring and safe use, but to make the most out of each battery pack in terms of performance and longevity, providing the longest and most durable BMS solutions on the market.

Tested in the Lab, Proven in the Real World

Our BMS products have been used for applications all around the globe in the past decade, from deep underwater for submarines, to ground level in electric vehicles, industrial applications, robotics, and more, and even high in the air for flying machinery.

We test each of our products with great care, but their years of reliability even in the most extreme circumstances speak far louder than that.

Easy Personalisation

Our configuration software provides you a convenient, relatively easy way to deeply customize your battery setup through our BMS, enabling each battery pack  to be a product fully tailored and unique to you. As part of our long-term focus, each of our configuration tool comes with a lifelong user license.

Long-term Benefits

The most important value we provide you with our BMS is product longevity. We have cases with clients who have been in business with us for over a decade and are still making full use of the first battery pack they equipped with our BMS.

The ROI of our BMS highly depends on your application, but it breaks even with its price eventually. After that, you will essentially generate extra profit for your company every day the battery with our BMS is in use.

Longevity in such products goes a long way.

Why Lithium Balance

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