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The history of LiTHIUM BALANCE

LiTHIUM BALANCE A/S was founded in 2006 with the purpose of developing the first genuinely effective Battery Management System (BMS) for lithium ion batteries.

Our vision at that time was to take part in reducing environmental problems by facilitating more CO2 friendly means of transportation than the traditional fossil fuels driven vehicles.

Our first breakthrough was with a 48V Li Ion battery managed by our BMS performing 157 km on a single charge of an electric scooter, a nearly 400% increase compared to what the standard lead-acid battery pack could achieve, which could handle just about 40km. The 72V BMS version was released not long after.

The development of a scalable BMS platform for electric cars and other high voltage applications was the first truly large project. The first prototypes were successfully implemented in two electric cars created by Lotus Engineering for Proton Cars of Malaysia in February 2009, and the platform was released for production and sales not long after.

Even Frost & Sullivan recognised LiTHIUM BALANCE’s innovative development of Battery Management Systems for lithium ion batteries with the ‘2009 European Automotive Powertrain New Product Innovation Award’.

In addition, competing with 987 of the most innovative high-tech companies in Europe, LiTHIUM BALANCE took 2nd place in the cleantech category in the finals of the ‘2010 Eurecan European Venture Contest (EEVC)’.

Around that time, we were also in the city that is now famous for being one of the most sustainable places in the world, Masdar city. It was our BMS in 2010 that managed the first autonomous taxi there, with the crown prince sitting in it.

The following years, the company shifted focus on developing versatile and scalable BMS products, and thus eventually creating what some of our main product lines are ever since then. This was an innovation itself as well, as most battery management systems back then were created specifically for a single product.

Our first truly successful product line was the s-BMS series, which was the cornerstone of what LiTHIUM BALANCE is known for today: robust, efficient and extremely safe.

By the 2020, we have managed to secure further mass volume orders and scaled up operations globally, with significant focus on India, where over 500,000 EVs in production with LiTHIUM BALANCE BMS, manufactured locally at an Indian Tier I manufacturer, would be released over the following few years.

Early investors in LiTHIUM BALANCE included the seed investor Teknologisk Innovation A/S, (owned by the Danish Technological Institute A/S), the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Development, and Ørsted.

In 2021 Sensata fully acquired LiTHIUM BALANCE, making the company officially part of Sensata Technologies, enhancing our collaboration to accelerate Sensata’s efforts in electrification and clean energy, while further increasing LiTHIUM BALANCE’s global presence.

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