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Grid support / Industrial ESS

Xolta's cutting edge ESS solutions fully benefit from our n-BMS

Xolta delivers cutting edge, fully modular, cloud connected energy storage systems for industrial uses. Safety and maximum energy storage are their most important aspects, fully benefiting from the advantages our BMS can provide.

The inside of their storage racks is made up of 8 individual contained battery modules, with an overall 79kWh capacity. They are using LiTHIUM BALANCE’s n-BMS to further increase the racks’ level of safety, performance, and battery life.

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Modular Energy Storage Systems

PV time shift

For their ESS, Time Shift has made great use of our s-BMS.

Time Shift is a company dealing with turn-key ESS and second use batteries. Their energy storage systems utilize 860V per string LFP based batteries performing from 50kWh to 5MWh for energy storage solutions in ancillary services like PCR and energy trading, to support renewable energy sources by storing excess energy generated, and to support electrical substation for peak load reduction and capacity expansion.

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Second-life Energy Storage Systems

Second-life energy storage systems

BeePlanet gives lithium batteries a second chance with the help of our BMS

BeePlanet Factory purchases batteries used in electric vehicles, then modifies and reuses them for a second time for another electric vehicle application or energy storage applications, based on the state of the battery and other factors.

For their electric storage systems, they are producing residential ESS and industrial grid tied ESS solutions, based on LFP and NMC batteries, operating from 48V to 850V per string, managed by our c-BMS and n-BMS.

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