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Surfing is safer with our c-BMS

Awake develops and sells highly advanced electric surfboards that work with a replaceable 48V battery with 20Ah cells. The battery is managed by our c-BMS, since it needs to be as small and compact as possible, with extremely high safety features.

Even though the surfboards only got SOP in 2019, LiTHIUM BALANCE has already delivered over 50 systems for Awake products.

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Leisure Submarine

Leisure submarines

Take a dive in extreme safety with our n-BMS

U-Boat Worx is a luxurious leisure submarine, capable of diving up to 2300 meters down in the sea. Designed mainly for tourists on luxury ships for an unforgettable dive, safety is the most important aspect of these machines.

Utilizing our n-BMS greatly helps in achieving those safety standards by reducing the risks involved with the submarine’s batteries. It works on 4 high performance batteries per unit and each one could be a potential risk for passengers without LiTHIUM BALANCE’s BMS.

It has been in production since 2018 without ever experiencing any safety issues.

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Marine Battery

Marine batteries

s-BMS for boats

Hydrosta delivers hydraulic systems and marine batteries. For the latter, they are utilizing LiTHIUM BALANCE’s modified version of its s-BMS. The batteries can vary but operate on up to 250kWh LFP-based packs.

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