Working at LiTHIUM BALANCE means that you will be taking an active part in reducing the world’s environmental issues with products that are highly beneficial for both our customers and the environment. Our BMS solutions are aimed to push the electrification industry forward, replacing traditional fossil fuel-based vehicles with electric, eco-friendly machinery.

LiTHIUM BALANCE is constantly growing, so we are on a continuous lookout for talented, likeminded individuals who are ready to put their knowledge and passion to good use.

However, even as the company expands, we emphasize working in a startup-like environment, where original thinking is highly valued. We often set ambitious goals and have repeatedly proven that there is no impossible task for the team, because we have the courage to think outside the box, and the skill to implement our ideas with confidence.

We also find balancing life and work important. While long office hours are sometimes inevitable, we are flexible about it, and strive to create a work environment that is fun and exciting, with colleagues that are happy to help one another out when it is needed. You are spending over 50% of your waking hours at work after all, so you might as well work on something you are proud of – Would contributing to a cleaner and more modern environment suffice?

We employ a diverse team of people and value them greatly, as they are the key to our success. We always welcome qualified people with an open mind and a passion for electrification.

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