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Industrial machines

N.C. Nielsen uses LiTHIUM BALANCE’s s-BMS in their battery kits with great success.

N.C. Nielsen has been using Lithium-ion battery technology since 2016. They are designing and selling Li-ION batteries for forklifts and other industrial machines. These batteries are developed to be highly effective and provide multiple advantages for the customer, like long service life and efficient charging.

They create several types of batteries, from 24V up to 80V with cell capacities ranging from 100 to 1200Ah. LiTHIUM BALANCE has delivered over 500 systems for these batteries.

The packs are well complemented by the advantages of our s-BMS, further increasing the battery kits’ longevity, better managing their charging and safety.

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Electric train traction batteries

Batteries in electric trains make full use of our n-BMS.

LiTHIUM BALANCE has successfully helped in the development of electric train product lines, by providing BMS technology capable of managing train traction batteries.

For these batteries, Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) cells are used, as they are highly effective for mobile energy storage, being capable of delivering and storing extremely high current peaks, they charge faster than other lithium chemicals, and have a longer life cycle.

To manage these high-power, efficient cells, our n-BMS product line has been used. These robust systems are managing the electric trains’ large battery packs, which can go up to 288 cells in series and perfectly supplement the advantages of LTO.

After careful testing and development, the 0-series of these batteries started mid 2019.

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Kalmar Cargotec has been using our s-BMS in hundreds of their industrial forklifts

Electric forklifts are rapidly replacing traditional fuel / diesel-based ones in the industry, due to the low noise emmisions, performance, and short return of investment benefits they provide. Using a battery-based forklift will mean that the forklift fleet-owner can operate at night in residential areas due to lower noise, while benefiting from the many advantages of electric forklifts, such as faster acceleration, lower energy costs and less tedious maintenance.

LiTHIUM BALANCE has a long history of selling s-BMS for Kalmar Cargotec industrial forklifts of almost all types. These forklifts usually run on LFP-based (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries, as even though these have less energy density than other lithium-based batteries, they are extremely reliable on the long run in terms of performance and stability, have relatively low cost and no toxicity associated with it.

These machines run on a 48V 180Ah batteries, managed by our s-BMS, further complementing the longevity of LFP batteries and enhancing their performance.

Kalmar Cargotec has been using LiTHIUM BALANCE’s s-BMS in hundreds of their industrial forklifts, for longer battery lifetime and better performance, ever since they began production in 2016.

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Garbage compressors

Banke has been using our s-BMS boxed version in their products with great results for almost a decade

One of the oldest product lines LiTHIUM BALANCE sells for are Banke industrial garbage compressors. These LFP-based high-performance batteries, often operating on 600V with 70Ah cells, have been using our boxed s-BMS version for the past decade.

LFP is a preferred choice for compressors, as the disadvantage of having less energy density than other lithium chemistries, is easily outweighed by the advantages of reliability, longevity, stability, lower cost than other lithium-based chemicals and the low amounts of toxicity associated with LFP.

Banke has had a long success providing next-generation electric garbage compressors all over Europe, thanks to their high efficiency, long-performing products, which is complemented by the use of lithium-ion and our BMS technology.

We have been providing BMS Solutions for their garbage compressors for almost a decade, since 2010, one of the real-world testaments to the s-BMS’ longevity.

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Lifts and cranes

Lifts and cranes

For their high-performance windmill maintenance lifts and cranes, liftra has been using our s-BMS.

Liftra is a leader in providing windmill maintenance solutions for companies worldwide. LiTHIUM BALANCE’s s-BMS can manage the batteries of their electrical lifts and cranes with high effectiveness. Liftra has been using our BMS since 2019 in their fully electric solutions for windmill maintenance, such as gearbox replacement.

Using our s-BMS for a 600V battery with either 20 or 72Ah LFP cells, these industrial applications can effectively help maintaining wind turbines and similar products all around the world.

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Industry 4.0 with our BMS solutions

Industrial robots are slowly replacing human work in large manufacturing facilities as Industry 4.0 is on the rise. LiTHIUM BALANCE has provided s-BMSs for GoPal by Robotize, which are electric, fully autonomous industrial robots that help in automating warehouse work and can fully replace forklifts.

Their batteries run on a 48V battery with 40Ah LFP (LiFePo4) cells and utilize our s-BMS, c-BMS and c-BPU for battery management. While the technology is relatively new, the robots have been in active production since 2018, and proven to benefit from our BMS for over a year without issues.

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Shuttle Robots

Shuttle robots

Robotised storage panel handling, managed by our BMS solutions

LiTHIUM BALANCE provided BMS for managing the batteries of storage pallet handling shuttle robots by Stow. Utilizing 48V NMC batteries running on 30Ah cells, these pallet handling robots make full use of our s-BMS, c-BMS and c-BPU.

Stow has been using our BMS Solutions for hundreds of their products since they began production in 2014 and LiTHIUM BALANCE has delivered more than 500 systems for them altogether.

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Electric streetsweepers

Electric street sweepers

Up to 11 hours of active operation time with our BMS Solutions

LiTHIUM BALANCE took part in the creation of the first electric streetsweeper in the world by providing our BMS for Greenmachines’ 500ze streetsweeper. These next generation, zero emission machines use LFP battery packs, either a single one for 7 hours, or two parallel packs for an almost doubled operating time. These run on 72V with 400Ah cells and are managed by a LiTHIUM BALANCE s-BMS.

The advantages of these streetsweepers, apart from the obvious environmental friendliness, is their low water consumption, low noise levels and the long operating hours with efficient charging and intelligent charge monitoring, for which, the LiTHIUM BALANCE s-BMS highly contributes.

These street sweepers have received SOP in 2011 and we have delivered s-BMSs for over 1000 of these products ever since.

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