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Software tools

PRO/SERVICE software tool for s-BMS and s-BPU

  • User-friendly interface
  • High level of customisability – over a thousand changeable parameters
    • Unmatched cell balancing performance through configuration
    • Improve accuracy, performance, and pack life through the battery model
    • User defined controls, safety strategy, and performance optimization
    • OCV based SOC validation
    • Reduced development time and less coding with CAN settings interface
  • Possibility to integrate multiple chargers via PWM, analog or CAN bus
  • Internal communication protected with 16 bit Checksum ASIL D level
  • Facilitated warranty management
  • 5 hours of free remote application support
  • Lifelong license
  • Compatibility with any Li-ion chemistry

Creator software for c-BMS and n-BMS

  • Upload, update, and downgrade firmware
  • Upload created configurations
  • Further customise the configuration – thousands of customisation options
    • System configuration
    • Operational limits settings
    • Charger configuration
    • GPIO mapping
    • Custom data processing (Post Processor)
    • CAN configuration
    • CMU configuration
    • Error timers & error handling at BMS modes
    • SOC OCV setting
  • Monitoring and diagnostics tools by system logging and live view
    • Master Controller Unit (MCU) data
    • Cell Monitoring Unit (CMU) data

LiBAL BatAnalaytics software tool

  • Real-time remote view of Li-ion battery condititions in the entire fleet of electric vehicles
  • Predictive service for battery optimisation
  • Dynamic battery performance monitoring
  • Real-time second life battery value estimation
  • Multiple access levels
    • Group level access for battery suppliers to monitor all of the fleet owners’ vehicles
    • System level access, for troubleshooting and general analysis of data by Lithium Balance
  • Event and location specific analysis

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