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Automotive Applications of BMS

Lithium Balance BMS (battery management system), some with ISO 26262 ASIL C certification and automotive grade key components, can be found in various automotive applications, such as SUVs, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and even high-end sports cars and race bikes.

AI piloted intelligent SUV

A futuristic driving experience with the Chinese 5 seater SUV, in mass production with our customized BMS platform

LiTHIUM BALANCE developed an ISO26262 ASIL C certified BMS platform based on the n-BMS technology. The platform consists of a single master and 2 slave units, each with 48 cell voltage channels and 16 temperature sensors. The platform is integrated in the Aiways U5 5-seater SUV, one of the highlights of 2019.

Appearing in multiple papers and magazines worldwide, even in the Danish Børsen, this futuristic car will be available for the public from December, when their mass production begins, with an expected 20,000 annual volume. Running on 63 kW 96s1p batteries, these electric cars can travel 360 km on a single charge, more than capable of cross-border travels.

While comfort has not been ignored in these cars with large seats, floating instrument panels, dynamic ambient lights, rear air-conditioning vents and more, the SUV’s main focus is on safety in all aspects. With an AI pilot mode and high-tech intelligent driving system at level L2+, a 360 degrees situational awareness system consisting of 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 UHD cameras, 3 millimeter wave radars, and 2 inside cameras constantly aiding the diver, this is one of the safest electric cars soon to be on the market. The lithium-ion battery’s safety within the car is guaranteed by a uniquely layered battery pack construction and LiTHIUM BALANCE’s customised BMS platform.

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JMC-Ford 5-seater SUV

Ford’s first purely electric SUV exclusively sold in China, with our customised BMS platform

The JMC-Ford Territory EV is Ford’s first fully electric vehicle that is specifically targeted for the Chinese market and is exclusively sold there. It runs on a 57 kW 88s1p battery, optimised for urban commuters, capable of traveling 330 km on a single charge. The car has a similar look to the JMC-Ford Territory ICE version and if the functionalities of the EV will also be similar, the JMC-Ford Territory EV can be expected to have Ford’s Co-Pilot360 driver assistance technology, coming with some of the highest-tech driver assistance and safety features.

The battery is optimized and kept safe from thermal runaway and other danger factors by LiTHIUM BALANCE’s custom-made BMS, an ISO26262 ASIL C certified BMS platform based on the n-BMS technology, specifically designed for applications like this SUV for maximum safety. Mass production for the JMC-Ford Territory EV will begin from July 2020, with an annual expected volume of 20.000 units.

The batteries for these SUVs will be made by Suzhou ZENIO, a prominent Chinese battery pack manufacturer, located in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in Eastern China. ZENIO employs a highly skilled, professional team and sells next generation battery packs with some of the highest technology and safety features on the Chinese market.

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Passenger Car

Passenger cars

30% increased performance from a BMS upgrade

LiTHIUM BALANCE provides BMS for most types of electric passenger cars. One of these passenger car product lines upgraded their old BMS for both our s-BMS and n-BMS for its 350V NMC battery with great effectiveness, increasing their battery range by 30%.

Customer and further specifics are undisclosed at this time.

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Passenger Car

Passenger cars with optimised battery lifespan

An application with a 10 year long battery life using our s-BMS.

One of our customers have been making full use of our s-BMS in their passenger car ever since 2010. For almost a decade, they had no issues with the cells and had overwhelmingly positive feedback about our product.

The s-BMS in this application manages a 20 kWh battery with LFP prismatic cells, and over the decade the car has traveled more than 160.000 km with the same battery and same BMS, without ever needing repairs on either.

Even today, the vehicle travels more than 90 km/day with the very simple LFP cells that were originally mounted in the car back in 2010.

Customer and further specifics are undisclosed at this time.

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Utility Vehicles

Utility vehicles

BD Auto is using our s-BMS since 2009 with great satisfaction.

BD Auto provides fully electric passenger and utility vehicles worldwide. For the latter, the company is using LiTHIUM BALANCE’s s-BMS to manage their 400V conversion vehicle batteries, with NMC cells.

As partners of PSA Groupe, they put a high emphasis on quality, innovation and excellence. For that, they need long-lasting, reliable products. Equipped with our BMS, their utility vehicles last longer, perform better and are extremely safe to use.

BD Auto has been using our products for over a decade, ever since 2009 without any issues, showcasing the robustness of our s-BMS and the longevity it provides for batteries.

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Electric Trucks make great use of our n-BMS, designed specifically for automotive applications.

LiTHIUM BALANCE BMS products are often used in the automotive industry as electric street vehicles become growingly popular.

One of our customers are developing electric trucks and have been using NMC-based batteries supplied with our BMS with great results. NMC is generally used in the automotive industry, as even though it has less energy density, it can offer a longer product lifetime and higher overall safety for the automobiles.

These trucks are supplied with our n-BMS, operate on 600V, and have been using our BMS for over a year, being in production since 2018.

Customer and further specifics are undisclosed at this time.

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EV Bus


Electric buses can make full use of our s-BMS’ features, enjoying the highest possible longevity and safety

A customer from China has been using LiTHIUM BALANCE’s s-BMS for their EV buses since they received SOP in 2018. These buses run on 650V battery packs split in 4 modules in series.

In order to achieve fast charging at each bus-stop enroute, the Bus uses the LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) cells.

LiTHIUM BALANCE enhanced the s-BMS functionality to include fast-charging properties and the ability to report each single cell data over the cloud, in close cooperation with the OEM.

Customer and further specifics are undisclosed at this time.

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Sports Car

Sports cars

We can handle high performance

QEV Technologies is a pioneer in electric mobility, creating fully electric sports cars mainly. One of their products, the QEV Arcfox GT has recently got a lot of spotlight, even showcasing it in China, in the Geneva International Motor Show.

The car uses 600V NMC batteries, equipped with our s-BMS for safety, and further increase in performance and longevity. The car has fast charge capability, complemented by the s-BMS’ efficient charging feature.

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Shuttle Robots

The World’s Fastest E-Superbike

The world’s fastest e-superbike is using our s-BMS

LiTHIUM BALANCE has taken part in the creation of the world’s fastest fully electric superbike by providing the BMS for it. The superbike is using a high performance patented NMC-based battery pack, with the versatility of LiTHIUM BALANCE’s s-BMS to manage it.

The bike received SOP in 2016 and has been utilizing our BMS with great success ever since.

More than 500 of our s-BMS have been supplied for this particular highly demanding application.

Customer and further specifics are undisclosed at this time.

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