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LiTHIUM BALANCE Presents at Nordbatt 2019 About the Functional Safety Requirements for BMS in Electric Cars

Ole Tidemann, Functional Safety Manager at LiTHIUM BALANCE is presenting at Nordbatt 2019, a three-day long event with presentations from the thought leaders in battery research. 

The yearly event, organised for the fourth time, will host 33 talks over the 3 days, including Ole, providing ample opportunity for growth, networking, and learning about the newest breakthroughs in the industry for the leading battery experts and industrial representatives.

Apart from gathering knowledge and network, the event is a perfect opportunity for the scientists and representatives to communicate their ideas and be inspired to create new solutions and developments in the industry.

Ole will contribute to the event by talking in detail about the functional safety requirements of battery management systems, including topics such as a BMS’ safe operating area, the development process of systems with ISO 26262 certification, among others.

Learn more about the event and Ole’s topic, the functional safety requirements of battery management systems in this article.

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