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Functional safety requirements for BMS in electric cars (ISO 26262)

Ole Tidemann, Functional Safety Manager at LiTHIUM BALANCE is presenting at Nordbatt 2019 about the functional safety requirements of battery management systems. He touches topics about the main purpose of a BMS from a safety viewpoint, BMS SOA, the ISO 26262 certification and how to comply with its requirements, and the concept and product development stages of a BMS that is created within the standards of ISO26262. 


The use of batteries in electrics cars (HEV/PHEV/EV) is becoming the most widespread application for Li-Ion batteries for several good reasons. However, the safety of the (potential) driver and the passengers must be ensured. Due to the characteristics of Li-Ion batteries, inherent risks of injury exist and shall be mitigated in a systematic and documented way. The ISO standard 26262 defines the approach to functional safety requirements for electrical automotive equipment and is applicable throughout the lifecycle of all electronic and electrical safety-related systems. Hence, functional safety features form an integral part of any such automotive product. The requirements of the standard must be considered in the development phase, ranging from the specification, to design, implementation, integration, verification, validation, and all the way to production release. This presentation will give an impression of what is involved in achieving an ISO 26262 certification for a battery management system.

Ole Tidemann

Ole has a background as a Master of electronics engineering (DTU, 1986). He has been working in the electronics industry as a project manager, quality manager, and development manager, and is now functional safety manager at Lithium Balance A/S. His main focus is to coordinate the ISO 26262 certification activities, hereunder to conduct safety analysis and to ensure that the necessary documentation is provided.

Nordbatt at Lithium Balance

We are always open to share our knowledge and passion with others about lithium battery technology, and the functions and importance of battery management systems. While Ole is presenting at the main event, Nordbatt is not limited to the event location. In one of the break sessions, several event participants visited LiTHIUM BALANCE headquarters to learn more about BMS technology and our work here.

After sharing all we could in the short time available for us, we made sure to show the hands-on practicalities of a BMS’ installment and operation as well.

The Presentation

During the three-day long event with presentations from some of the most important thought leaders in battery research, Ole talks in detail about the functional safety requirements of battery management systems. You can find the full content of his presentation below.

Open presentation

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