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s-BMS Customer Training Session

LiTHIUM BALANCE is holding a free-of-charge training session on the 4th of February for customers using our s-BMS (and s-BPU) systems. The one day long training will take place on-site, in our main office in Denmark.

For more information and to book a seat, please write a mail to There are a limited amount of seats, reservation is handled on a first come first served basis.


  • 09:00 Introduction 
  • 09:15  Battery technology
    • General information about Li-ION cells and chemistry
    • LFP
    • LTO
  • 09:45 s-BMS Hardware
  • 10:15 s-BMS settings
    • Walkthrough important key parameters to be set/adjusted for various battery types and applications
    • CAN settings
    • Charger settings
    • Battery model
    • Safety settings
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 s-BMS settings – continued
  • 15:00 Battery Manufacturing and practical integration of BMS
    • Handling requirements
    • Design considerations
  • 16:00 BatAnalytics – battery trouble shooting in field
  • 16:30 c/n-BMS Product introduction incl. c-BPU
  • 17:00 General s-BMS and Li-ION questions
  • 18:00 End
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