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Intelligent lithium-ion battery technology for lean medical device material handling

A well-known medical company in Denmark, Ferrosan Medical Devices, has reduced operation costs to 1/3 of their original by shifting to lithium batteries managed by LiTHIUM BALANCE.

A Global Player

Ferrosan Medical Devices is growing rapidly and at several occasions the physical space at the headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark has been increased.
Recently they decided to choose Linde-trucks with Lithium-ion batteries to solve a broad variety of internal material handling tasks where goods needed to be transported nearly a kilometer from production to cooling storage facility.

Ferrosan Medical Devices is a global player and a well-known Danish company that develops, produce and market innovative products for human surgery. Among the products are instruments for biopsy, catheters and a number of hemostatic products which are used for stopping hemorrhage at surgery.

“A Linde electric truck with Lithium Ion battery is the optimal choice for us, both in regard to driver comfort, user friendliness, sustainable technology and most important cost efficient material handling operation”

Explains technical manager Jørgen Skov from Ferrosan Medical Devices.

Denmark’s Largest Supplier of Forklifts, Terminal Tractors and Special Machines is Developing Batteries with Technology from LiTHIUM BALANCE

N.C. Nielsen is delivering the Lithium-ion batteries to Ferrosan Medical Devices, offering customers own developed and produced batteries for its customers with intelligent Battery management solutions from Lithium Balance:

“Our in-house developed Lithium-ion batteries are tailor-made for every specific solution. We carefully calculated that the Lithium-ion batteries reduce the operational costs to as much as 1/3 of the cost of conventional battery types. They last longer than other battery types, can be opportunity charged and finally they are maintenance free. It doesn’t get much simpler, when speaking battery technology. We have very high expectations to the Lithium-ion batteries”- Says Technical Director and owner Per T. Nielsen from N.C. Nielsen.

Lean Thinking

At Ferrosan Medical Devices the production is optimized and made efficient through the ideas formulated in the “LEAN-thinking” concept.

This means that both production, internal material handling and stock operation is optimized to a very high degree to achieve specific targets to reduce unnecessary operations (waste). For that reason, the intelligent Lithium battery is equipped with a datalogger, which connected to the internet:

“With a BatAnalytics datalogger we are able to monitor the remaining capacity of the battery. We can closely monitor all the different battery parameters on our internet portal in real-time and thus we are able to see, how the battery performs at any time during operation. It is important for us to see how the Lithium-ion performs and that we can document the efficiency of the operation against the set targets”, -Underlines technical manager Jørgen Skov from Ferrosan Medical Devices.

Green Technology

At Ferrosan Medical Devices the ”green change” is a declared part of the company CSO policy – especially relating to reduction of CO2 emissions.
In this context the Lithium-ion powered Linde truck is an integral part of the change:

“We need to set a green standard in our choice of battery and material handling equipment. It really makes a difference that the Lithium-ion battery is not harmful to the environment. It doesn’t contain any toxic heavy metals such as batteries did before and Lithium-ion batteries can be re-used and recycled in order to avoid that any dangerous substance ending up in nature”.

These are also important factors to Jørgen Skov, Technical Manager at Ferrosan Medical Devices.

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