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c-, and n-BMS version 2.4 is now available

A new version of our c-, and n-BMS has passed our QA approval and is released for usage. The new version comes with updates for both the firmware and its corresponding configuration software.

Version 2.4 comes with bugfixes, functionality updates and it now supports CANopen and controllable GPIO via CAN and/or custom data processing:

  • GPIO access and control via CAN and/or Custom Data Processing
  • Configuration identifying via CRC and user ID
  • CANopen support for the i-CAN channel
    • SDO access to all BMS data
    • 40 TPDO’s and 10 RPDO’s, all dynamical programmable
    • TIME support for setting of BMS time and date.
    • EMCY support for error reporting
    • CANopen node ID is configurable and also possible to set via GPIO inputs
  • BMS set time and data function
  • Trial function for dynamic OCV-SOC determination
  • Pre-charge abort function
  • Bugfix of error reported for mismatching number of connected CMU’s

Additionally 2.4 brings new updates for the Creator software tool as well.

LiTHIUM BALANCE develops and delivers off-the-shelf BMS hardware platforms with intelligent and powerful software tools to configure and customise the BMS.
We generally release a few updates for our software tools yearly. Customers who have purchased any of the older Creator tool version 2 series are always welcome to contact us for an update free-of-charge.

Find the full release note here.


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