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s-BMS Software and Firmware Version 6.16 is Now Available

Software and firmware version 6.16 for the s-BMS and s-BPU has passed QA approval and is now available, with performance increases, bugfixes, and a newly implemented password protection function.

The main features of the new version are:

  • Password protection against unauthorized access
  • Maintenance charge function
  • Improved post processor functions
  • Improved I/O functions
  • Bugfixes

LiTHIUM BALANCE develops and delivers off-the-shelf BMS hardware platforms with intelligent and powerful software tools to configure and customise the BMS.

We generally release a few updates for our software tools and firmware yearly. Customers who have purchased any of the older PC tool versions are always welcome to contact us for an update free-of-charge.

Find the full release note for s-BMS 6.16 here.


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