The compact c-BPU is a battery protection unit that works directly with the c-BMS control unit. The maximum rated current is 100 amp and the maximum allowed voltage is 95V, making it ideal for small compact vehicles and robots.

The c-BPU ports the current measurement device, mosfets for disconnecting battery from load/charge and a DC/DC that converts battery voltage to BMS supply voltage.

The c-BPU can be seamlessly integrated with the c-BMS through a purpose designed wireharness.

Product ordering number:

  • c-BPU100: 100744


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LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a range of chargers which are both air-cooled and water cooled. Chargers are available in 1,8 kW, 3,3 kW and 6,6 kW capacities.

Wire harness

LiTHIUM BALANCE can provide a connecting wire harness for a seamless connection with c-BMS.

Li-ion cells

LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a range of cost-efficient cells. These products were proven on the market for over 10 years, can be managed by our BMS, and come with the possibility of extended warranty.

Other accessories

LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a number of standard displays (based on CAN) that can be connected seamlessly to the c-BMS.

  • Application support
    • In order to ensure the smooth integration of the c-BMS into the system, we offer application support. In the software license 5 hours of free support is included. Application support beyond that is offered on an hourly basis.
  • Training
    • For a comprehensive introduction about the possibilities of our s-BMS, Li-ion technology, and battery integration, LiTHIUM BALANCE offers training tailored specifically to your needs.

The c-BPU uses and is specifically designed to house the c-BMS system, a BMS that is developed to meet all relevant automotive requirements. It is a compact system measuring only 70 x 150 mm, with ISO 26262 compliant design and functional safety at ASIL C level.


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