LiBAL s-BMS Housed Solution
  • Description

    The full blown housed solution of s-BMS provides the same features and up to 32 LMUs equivalence to 1000V exactly as the full blown integration boards version. Op top of that this product is an excelent choice where IP6x rated protection is required.

    Thoroughly tested accessories like wires and harness are available for the system helping a smooth and easy integration of this boxed solution.

    Product ordering number: 

    100610 for LiBAL s-BMS Housed Solution (1 BMCU + 2 LMU)

    100612 for LiBAL s-BMS Housed Solution (2 LMU)



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LiBAL s-BMS 9-16 Cells Housed Solution
  • Description

    This version of the s-BMS system has the same specifcations as the full blown housed solution system except that it will be able to manage up to 16 cells. The system is designed to target the applications of 48V or lower.

    Product ordering number: 100613

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