LiBAL s-BMS Integration Boards
  • Description

    The s-BMS integration boards consist of a BMCU (Battery Management Control Unit) master board. The master board communicates with up to 32 Local Monitoring Unit (LMU) featuring up to 1000V applications.

    The LMU monitors individual and total voltage of 3-8 cells in series and featuring 2 temperature sensors.

    The s-BMS platform offers an advanced bit-level communication via CAN frames allowing an efficient broadcasting of any parameters.

    Product ordering number: 
    s-BMS BMCU: 100600
    s-BMS LMU: 100601

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LiBAL s-BMS 9-16 Cells Integration Boards
  • Description

    This version of the s-BMS system has the same specifcations as the full blown intergration boards system except that it will be able to manage up to 16 cells. The system is designed to target the applications of 48V or lower.

    The same PC management software tool can be used to make the configuration as well as diagnostic for this system.

    Product ordering number: 100606

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