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Battery Pack Integration

Battery Pack Integration

Full Description

With the substantial investment represented by the battery cells, its makes sense to have the best battery management system available to ensure: safety, reliability and performance. As the battery pack could be of any capacity, voltage or cell chemistry the BMS used must be easily adaptable or configurable to the various battery pack permutations without a large investment in time or effort to set it up. Most high-end battery applications require communication via the CAN bus. After all, the battery is no longer a dumb component, but an intelligent and expensive module that must provide continous status information to ensure that it operates safely, within its optimum range at all times.

Tools need to be in place that allow the pack developer to configure the CAN bus according to their needs without the requirement of constantly calling the BMS vendor for help, or paying for the configuration work to be done.
Flexiblity also needs to extend to mechanical installation. In situations where the BMS is built directly into the battery pack, then PCB boards are the best solution. For situations where the BMS is housed separate from the battery pack, potentially exposed to dirt and moisture, then a housed solution with the appropriate IP rating needs to be selected.
Finally, the price needs to be right, afterall, the cells are expensive enough already, without the addition of an overly expensive battery management system on top.
Does such a BMS system exist, fulfilling the criteria mentioned above? Fortunately yes, and your are in the right place.
Go to "Contact us" page and give us a short description of your needs, and we will get back to you with the right battery management solution.