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Industrial Traction Batteries with Li-ion cells

Industrial Traction Batteries with Li-ion cells

Full Description

This application note will summarize the key benefits of replacing Lead Acid batteries with Lithium based
technology. In addition, the application note describes how the Lithium Battery should be constructed, how the
Battery Protection Unit (BPU) is integrated and how the battery performance can be monitored and optimized.

  • With Lithium batteries protected and monitored by an advanced Battery Management System (BMS), it is
    possible to avoid regular maintenance activities of the batteries, which are normally required with L/A.
  • Reduce the energy consumption by 20-30% with Lithium battery, as the energy in charge and discharge
    will immediately be retained in the battery (LFP)
  • Improve the operation up-time by avoiding battery shift during operation
  • Increase operational range and/or reducing battery size. The ratio is 1:2 comparing Ah capacity between
    Lithium (LFP) to L/A.
  • Significantly increase cycle and calendar life as much 3 times with Lithium (LFP) compared with L/A.
  • Optimize the performance of the battery by configuration of parameters in the BMS through an advanced
  • Opportunity to operate in -20C to +40C
  • Lithium batteries can be charged in a normal indoor environment and have no requirements for special
    rooms that can withstand acid fumes associated with charging L/A batteries.
  • Lithium batteries are a safe and environmentally clean product. They do not contain unhealthy acid
    sub- stances and environmental banned heavy metals such as lead.